February 01, 2008

Still On The Clock...

This waiting has become more maddening then waiting to see who the Jets are going to blow their first round pick on every year! I wanted to purchase a few Santana jerseys for some friends and family the last few days, but don't want to jinx it (as if I had THAT kind of power, right sports' fans who think likewise- you know who you are and our group therapy session is tonite at 6pm- I'll bring the butter cookies). Every evening, I've been scanning the wires until midnight, Pacific time, or 3am East Coast time, and I've been up again by 5am PST and so far, different verse, same as the first (yep - my musical references are becoming annoying to me, too, but that's all I've got right now!) In fact, I've re-read the same articles on ESPN.com, Fox Sports and SI.com so many times I have forgotten what day they were actually written. The dramatic impact of this weekend can be huge or devistating for NY fans- on one hand, the Mets' can sign Santana and the Giants can win the Super Bowl...on the other hand, well, let's just cut off that hand and say it's not an option! There we go- the optimist in me won out, and therefore, here are my predictions:

1.)Mets Sign Santana!
2.) Giants win Super Bowl!

3.) 2008 rotation stats: Santana - 21-4, 2.75 ERA, 265 K's, Martinez - 17-6, 2.95 ERA, 205 K's, Maine - 16-8, 3.35 ERA, 190 k's, Perez - 17-10, 3.44 ERA, 209 K's, and a fifth starter to be determined from Pelfrey, Hernandez and possibly Kyle Lohse.

4.) Mets beat Red Sox (again) in 7 games in the World Series and NY is voted Sports town of 2008!!!!

....buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....damn - my alarm clock woke me up again- gotta go check to see if the Mets' signed Santana yet!


Anonymous said...

im losing my mind over this

Anonymous said...

i just heard that 20 mill was the difference...if thats the case than get it don omar!!!!!!!!