March 05, 2008

Beltran And His Recovery

David Lennon at Newsday writes about Carlos Beltran and how he is worried about his recovery:

The Mets' company line is not to worry, but Beltran said yesterday that he still is not capable of "stop-and-go" running in the outfield and must teach himself how to slide again. Beltran's knees, surgically cleaned up in October, are not the problem. It's everything else involved with the recovery process.

"When you have surgery, you lose all the muscle in your quads, everything goes away," Beltran said. "Because the knees are fixed, the sensation of tendinitis I was having, I don't have anymore. But if I don't strengthen my quads, then all the pounding is going to be in the knees, and I'm going to aggravate the knees again."

Beltran has been showing up early, before everyone else, doing his exercises and taking his scheduled dips in the hydrotherapy pool, along with about a dozen other Mets. When it's time for the rest of the team to prepare for that day's game, Beltran and his injured comrades are herded off for more rehab.


Anonymous said...

im am gonna burry my head in the sand and wait for opening day

Anonymous said...

dont say that beltran!

Anonymous said...

start sweating met fans

Anonymous said...

why did he say that to us?? does he know what he has done?