March 28, 2008

Bye Gotay

Gotay was great off the bench, which is what Tatis will be doing. Tatis won't be playing much, and if Gotay can't hit lefties, at least he can hit righties well. It doesn't seem like Tatis can hit anybody. His average is below .220 in the spring and thats against some of the leagues worst pitchers. This is ridiculous to see. Gotay showed last year that he has great potential to hit, and with the always hurt Castillo, Gotay was necessary to keep. So what is Gotay can't field, I'm pretty sure Tatis is not going to be any better. Tatis' only benefit to us is in the outfield, he will not be playing third with Mr. Wright there. I'd rather see Brady Clark in the outfield if needed, he has played a lot better. Plus, like the previous post said, the last time Tatis hit over .250 was in 2000. That's not going to help when he doesn't see regular at bats and gets a pinch hit here and there. He is going to be mediocre while Gotay could have flourished as a great young ballplayer. Trust me, Tatis will not help the lineup in anyway, especially when one of our guys (Schneider) already can't hit a lick. At least he has his defense to fall back on. Gotay was the guy to keep, and now we're going to see him 19 times in a Braves uniform. Bad move New York, bad move. P.S. Gotay was also part of that comeback last year in the ninth where we were down 4 runs. He came in, got a pinch hit single, kept the inning alive, and eventually came around to score.

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