March 28, 2008

Game Recap: Orioles 4 -- Mets 3

In the battle for the fifth starter spot, it seems that El Duque has come out on top and will be in the rotation for the Mets to start the season. In a fitting finish to the game, Mike Pelfrey gave up three runs in the bottom of the ninth as the Orioles beat the Mets by a scored of 4-3.

El Duque got the start today, and with his old leg kick back, pitched five innings, only allowed one run. Hernandez ran into a bit of trouble in the third inning, but benefited from a base running blunder and got out of the inning with only the one run. He gave up four hits and one walk while striking out two.

Welcome to the fifth starter spot, Mr. Hernandez. Please don't get hurt and be, at the very least, somewhat effective. I like you, we all like you, now go out and perform like all the fans know you can.

Pelfrey took over for the rest of the game, and only allowed one hit through the first three innings while he was on the mound. In the ninth inning Pelfrey allowed three runs to score, blowing the game and taking the loss. Pelfrey walked three and struck out two today.

El Duque's performance punched his ticket to New Orleans today. I'm absolutely, 100 percent sure that he will be up with the Mets within a few months due to injuries.

The Mets will have a hot Jose Reyes coming into the season, as he went 2-3 on the day, with a double, scoring two runs. Reyes hit .328 in spring training this year.

Good stuff from Reyes as usual. He's going to be a new player this year. Much more focused and driven. I will miss the dances though.

David Wright, Endy Chavez and Marlon Anderson each added a single for the Mets to round out their hitting on the day. Both Wright and Carlos Beltran walked twice in the game.

In the battle for the final bench spot, between Fernando Tatis and Brady Clark, there was no clear winner determined today. Tatis went 0-4 with one strike out and one man left on base. Clark went 0-3 with one walk and one strike out.

It looks like Tatis has the spot locked up, but you never know with the Mets. All we know is it won't be Ruben Gotay.

Game ball: El Duque.

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Anonymous said...

Jose Jose Jose!!

I'll miss the dances too.. but not the slump that came with..