March 10, 2008

It's A Tie!!!

The Mets and Red Sox ended their game after 10 innings, tied 1-1. Johan looked awesome, as his heater touched 91-92, his change-up looked awesome and I have to remind myself that it's only March 10th!! As John posted earlier, he had 4 strike-outs, and looked almost in mid-season form. His heater will still come up 2-3 mph, but his location was great, and he and catcher Brian Schneider looked to be 100% in-sync with each other. Both Matt Wise (2 innings) and Pedro Feliciano (1 inning) looked good after Santana. Both Carlos's played today- Beltran was the DH and went 0 for 3, and Delgado played first before being relieved by Valentin, and he looked over-matched in striking out twice. Valentin, by the way, looked very good playing first in place of Delgado, so in Pagan and Valentin, we seem to have our bench replacements.


Anonymous said...

he is definitly looking good

Anonymous said...

Not in a gay way right?

David Rubin & Jonathan Elfenbein said...

Super Johan-

That is a stupid and inappropriate comment. If you continue to post such nonsense, you will be blocked from making comments on this site. I would expect better from someone who wants their own blog.


Anonymous said...

who is this kid???