March 13, 2008

Mets to Host All-Star Game in 2013??!! Willie's Job Safe - For Now!! Piazza Might Be Back With Mets- In Front Office!

This came right from ESPN and is awesome news:

*****The Mets Will Host the All-Star Game in 2013! Also, Jeff Wilpon insists Willie's job is safe for now:

New York Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon
said Thursday he has been informed that commissioner Bud Selig soon will announce the Mets will host an All-Star Game in the near future.

"I'm assured by the commissioner that he will make an announcement shortly on a year when we will get an All-Star Game," Wilpon said in an interview with 1050 ESPN New York. "It will be out a few years but I think it will be something that
everyone can look forward to."

A baseball official familiar with the discussions told 1050 ESPN New York that the All-Star Game will "likely" be in 2013.

Wilpon also addressed the status of manager Willie Randolph. After last
season's historic collapse, the Mets held a news conference to announce that
Randolph will return. With the addition of
this offseason, Wilpon -- echoing the words of his father,
team co-owner Fred Wilpon -- said he expects the Mets to play deep into October.

This has put a spotlight on Randolph's job security.

"He is our manager and he is under contract for the next couple of years," Wilpon said, Wilpon added that he, general manager Omar Minaya and Randolph are all
communicating well.

Finally, at some point soon, Mike Piazza will be approached about re-joining the organization - possibly in a front office capacity! ( I would hope it would be in the PR department, with Jay Horowitz, the man with the best job in basebalL!)

    • In the future, someone Wilpon plans on talking to is former Met Mike Piazza. Piazza, 39, is still looking to play this year. The Mets
      have no interest on a reunion now, but they have an open invitation to Piazza to
      rejoin their organization after he retires.

      "I would be open to talking to him about anything," Wilpon said.
      "If he wanted to be on the field, off the field, with the network [SportsNet New
      York], I would be open to talking to him about anything that he wanted to


Anonymous said...

two great pieces of news there David and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Your headline is inaccurate. There is nothing definitive about Piazza coming back to the front office. That is ONE option among many Wilpon is willing to discuss. You've got the full quote there, interpret it correctly!

David Rubin & Jonathan Elfenbein said...

Actually, the headline says "MIGHT" be back - there's no DEFINITIVE there are all- please re-read it!!!


Anonymous said...

I can read. I'm perfectly aware the headline says "might". It also says, highlighted by a hyphen, "in front office". Further, in the text you state: "Finally, at some point soon, Mike Piazza will be approached about re-joining the organization - in a front office capacity!" That's two references which indicate that is the sole option the Mets are willing to discuss and that's not the case.

David Rubin & Jonathan Elfenbein said...

Mea culpa- the word "possibly" was supposed to be before "working in the front office" - I appreciate the catch- that's what happens when the mind thinks faster than the fingers type! You can copy-edit for us any time you want!