March 11, 2008

Random Thoughts: Pitching Is Back And A Delusional Offense

When the 2007 season opened, we knew that the Mets would be carried by their offense and all that the pitching had to do was keep the team in the game. That proved to be too much of a bluff and the Phillies called them on it.

Now in 2008 the Mets are going to be relying on their pitching that has leveled up with haste, like it was some Final Fantasy game. Like David wrote about yesterday in “An Old Mets Phenomenon Is Back”, the Mets are truly built up on what has always made a great Met team in the past.

If anyone thinks that the Mets are in possession of an American League Offense, they are delusional as said by Joe Benigno on SNY last night. I have seen his point since the end of the season when the Mets weren’t even the top scoring team in the National League. The Met possess three legitimate sluggers in Beltran, Wright and possibly Delgado. After that there are a number of NL style hitters with speed and gap hitters.


Anonymous said...

i think the offens will be better than most think

Anonymous said...

thank god for omar!!!!!

Anonymous said...

if delgado can be the hitter of old then the mets will be unstoppable

Anonymous said...

not just delgado but beltran too