March 24, 2008

Santana To Open Season - Worst Kept Secret of 2008!

According to an article over at, the Mets' have made it official, announcing that Johan Santana will be the Mets' opening day starter a week from this Monday, March 31st, in Miami, Florida, versus the Marlins. Yes, this was the worst kept secret in baseball, as the Mets' aren't shelling out over $137 million over the next 7+ years for a number two starter. As much as I would have liked to see Pedro begin the season, for old times sakes, it's the right thing to do pitching Santana at the top of the rotation and starting the season, and I'm glad that John, Jonathan and I will be there live to see it happen! (We'll have pics and recaps up that night!!)

Additionally, the article discussed the Mets' futility so far in finding a qualified candidate for the 5th starter slot in the rotation. Willie, on both Pelfrey's inability to perform today, and whether there will indeed be a fifth starter named soon:

On Pelfrey:
"Maybe his adrenaline was too much, I don't know," Mets manager Willie Randolph said. "Every time he got the ball up he got pounded. He obviously didn't step up in a time when he had an opportunity to."

On the "phantom" fifth starter:
"We're going to have a fifth starter," Randolph said. "He may not break camp with us, but we're going to have a fifth starter."

Willie also formalized his opening week starter's, with Santana, followed by Pedro, Perez and Maine. The Mets' won't need a fifth starter until April 12th, vs. Milwaukee, due to days off at the start of the season.

Finally, the Mets placed outfielder Moises Alou, out with a hernia and not expected back until early/mid May, as well as pitchers Jason Vargas and Ambiorix Burgos on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to March 21. Neither Vargas nor Burgos were expected to make the final roster, but it would have been nice to see either one pitch this Spring, either to gauge future availability or to showcase for a trade (remember, they are the remnants from trades that gave away Matt Lindstrom, Henry Owens and Bryan Bannister.)

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter, and we'll be back with LOTS more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

as if we all didn't know this already

Anonymous said...

im surprised it took willie this long to tell the media

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