March 14, 2008

SI Shines A Light on F-Mart

Over at SI, Walter Villa writes that the Mets' top prospect, Fernando Martinez, was "worth holding onto!" From Villa:

He's the great Mets hope -- the prospect New York refused to trade, not even
for arguably the best pitcher in the major leagues.

The big question now
is when Martinez will arrive at Shea. Earlier this year, he caused his first
controversy with the infamous New York media when he was quoted predicting he
would play in the big leagues this season.

"You know what happened?"
Martinez said. "I said that I want to get to New York in September (when the
rosters can expand to 40 players). And then they wrote that I said I would get
to New York this year. You understand?
Perhaps the message was lost in
translation, but (Tony) Bernazard has his own view.

"Making it to the big
leagues and arriving to stay are two different subjects," he said. "I wouldn't
be surprised if by next year or the following year, he has arrived."

Martinez apparently loves to listen to the veterans speak and share stories, as he's learned, he says, from the likes of Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. When asked about his potential, Mets' exec Tony Bernazard said:

Asked if Martinez is a five-tool player, Bernazard responded quickly, "Yes.
His weakest tool is his speed, but he is an above-average runner. He has a very
good arm, and he can go get the ball in the outfield. But the best thing about
Fernando is that he can hit for power and average."

I, for one, can't wait to see Martinez start in left or right field for us- it can't happen soon enough!


Anonymous said...

darn right he was worth holding onto

Anonymous said...

he's looked great so far in spring training