March 30, 2008

Spring Training Photo Album- 2008 Edition

As promised, we're back with some photos from this Friday's game vs. the Orioles. There were far more Mets' fans then Orioles fans at the stadium (Hi Dr. Ron!) and there was a great atmosphere of hope and expectations amongst Mets' fans. Santana is responsible for a lot of those expectations, but for us, the most exciting thing from that afternoon was the antics of one Pedro Martinez! Pedro could be seen hugging owner Fred Wilpon, playing with his kids, throwing on the sidelines (with great movement) and taunting the Orioles (see photos of each of these below!) Pedro's energy and enthusiasm were the two things missing in great quantities last year from this team, and adding them back, while throwing in Santana's left arm makes for a most exciting season-to-be, indeed! We've also included a photo of Reyes right after he was hit by a pitch; Marlon Anderson signing autographs by the Mets' dugout (thanks, Marlon!); Willie (wearing a jacket in 90+ heat); Pedro, as mentioned, with kids, taunting the O's and being hugged by owner Fred Wilpon; O-Hern using his old motion: Schneider setting up behind the plate; and Wright on-deck, amongst others. Without further ado, enjoy the photos, and we'll be back later with more photos from Friday, as well as thoughts and questions about the upcoming season.

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