April 24, 2008

Alou Comes Back, Then Church To First?

With Alou coming back as soon as May 1st, the Mets somehow encounter the same problem they experienced last year, only three outfield positions, yet having five players that could easily play the outfield. Last year with Milledge, Gomez, Alou, Beltran, Green and even Endy the Mets had a very crowded outfield. Even though three have left us, personally I would have liked to kept Gomez. However past trades are not the issue now, it is what do to when Alou comes back. Now Pagan was not an every day player in Wrigley last year, where he amounted only 10 SB, a .264 average and only 21 RBI in about half a season of work, 71 games. However this year he is over .300 has 8 SB (including 2 last night that were HUGE) and 12 RBI, at least one game winning one.
My solution is to maybe 1-3 times a week to start Church at first base. Church who is on fire, as seen in his promotion in the batting order, needs to be an everyday player. Also he needs to play because he is still developing even at 29, especially when it comes to hitting lefties, although he has shown great improvement. The fact is Delgado is slumping and unless he improves this will be his last year in Queens. We are already talking about Teixera becoming our new first basemen, hopefully he will.
When Alou comes back, allow Church to play a couples at first base. Even if he has never done so I believe his defense would be better than Delgado, Figueroa will most likely tell you that. So move Church to first every few days and let the hot Pagan still play. This will strengthen the order. (Delgado could realistically bat 7th when Alou comes back) Also our defense at first has nothing to do but improve. Willie when Alou comes back put Church on 1st a couple times a week!


Anonymous said...

Or put JOHANN at 1st when he is not pitching!!


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So move Church to first every few days and let the hot Pagan still play. This will strengthen the order.'elaborate this.Thank you.
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