April 21, 2008

As Meatloaf said: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad!

Rock singer Meatloaf said it best in his song - "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" - and for right now, in late April, I'll take 2 wins out of 3 versus the Phillies, especially in light of the fact that we played in their park and without our starting catcher, Brian Schneider. It's become obvious that the Mets' pitchers are relying on Schneider even more then originally anticipated, and last night's starter Mike Pelfrey seemed lost without his guidance. No knock on back-up Raul Casanova, but to paraphrase Lloyd Benson from an old presidential debate, "you, Mr. Casanova, are no Brian Schneider."

Besides what Schneider has come to mean to this club, Ryan Church has been, along with Jose Reyes and David Wright, one of the three best offensive players on this ballclub this season (not to mention the great start of Angel Pagan), making the trade of Lastings Milledge look better by the game.

Jerry Crasnick, over at ESPN.com, wrote a great column about the amazing contributions over the weekend of Mets' third baseman, David Wright, and Phillies second-sacker, Chase Utley. Are we seeing the start of this seasons' MVP battle already?

Also over the weekend on ESPN.com Peter Pascarelli agreed with Mets' fans everywhere in his article, "It's time for Reyes to be Reyes." Both are great reads, as always from those two, cementing what's been a very rewarding weekend for Mets' fans. Enjoy- back with a preview of tonite's game.

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Anonymous said...

but three out of three would have been great