April 17, 2008

Is Church The New 2 Hole Hitter?

Adam Rubin at Surfing the Mets writes about Willie Randolph’s decision to bat Church in the 2 hole and Castillo 8th:

Randolph gave more insight into why he’s batting Church second and Luis Castillo eighth. Aside from the obvious fact Church is hotter (.340 vs. .257), Randolph believed Church would benefit from seeing fastballs ahead of David Wright, particularly as opposed to the changeups he would otherwise see from the Nats all-lefty rotation this series. Randolph added that Castillo is a “perfect” No. 8 hitter because he doesn’t swing at many pitches out of the zone, and because he’s still quick enough to get to second base on sacrifice bunts.


Anonymous said...

so far he hasnt done anythingo let us believe that he cant handle that spot in the order

Anonymous said...

i love it. castillo just annoys me everytime he steps into the box with his little league swings

Anonymous said...

pagan should be batting second behind reyes because it would balance out the lineup more