April 11, 2008

Divine Met Intervention in Angel and Church?

from MetsLifer.com
Hmmmm, is it coincidence that the Mets top two players to start the year have a more spiritual name than the other players on the team?

The fact that Ryan CHURCH and ANGEL Pagan are leading the team in basically every statistical category doesn't seem a little ironic?

What's that noise? I think I just heard Dan Brown run to go see his publisher.

I'm purely joking, but it is amazing to see two low level acquisitions turn into impact players early this season. I credit Omar Minaya for being able to see talent where others don't. Just when we lose Ruben Gotay, we have guys like Church & Pagan stepping up to replace the role he played.

Last night on SNY's text poll the question was asked which player would make the biggest impact when he returned to the lineup. The leading vote getter was Moises Alou.

I had to laugh. There's no doubt Alou is a bat that is needed in this lineup, but if Pagan keeps playing the way he is, I'm not sure you can take him out of the lineup.

That's a good problem to have.

Editor's Note (from David): When Mr. Alou is healthy, we can have an outfield of Moises, Angel & Church- now all we need is his uncle, Jesus Alou, and wide receiver Muslin Mohammad to join the team and we can cover most of our bases!!! Funny enough, Jonathan and I were talking about this on opening day in Florida, that if we couldn't get some "divine intervention" with an "Angel" in the outfield and a "Church" to go to, we were really hurting!!! And yes, with the way Pagan's playing, especially after tonite's victory over the Brewers, it's becoming impossible to keep him out of the line-up!

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those guys are putting to rest that our outfield is weak