April 09, 2008

Feliciano Arrived Late

Adam Rubin at Surfing The Mets writes about Pedro Feliciano not getting to the park in time for the game due to flight problems:

Pedro Feliciano was unavailable because he arrived at the ballpark in the seventh inning. Feliciano had permission from the Mets to go home to Puerto Rico for a family issue after Sunday’s game in Atlanta. His 6 a.m. flight from San Juan to JFK was cancelled, and he had to be re-routed through Orlando. Mets security picked him up at the airport, but couldn’t get him to the ballpark in time to contribute.

I guess we can blame yesterday’s game on JFK Airport, because when Feliciano was needed, he was stuck in an airport. Well now that he’s back let’s just hope we can take the remaining two against the Phillies. That was directed at you Pelfrey.


Anonymous said...

i hope everything is ok with his family

Anonymous said...

lets put them in their place today pelfrey

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness.. SNY was speculating that Feliciano was injured or something.

Anonymous said...

Thank God it was just a travel issue and nothing worse. Now hopefully we can avoid seeing Schowenweis EVER again pitch for this team.