April 19, 2008

Phils fans...the worst there are

This is the Venting I need. ..

As readers of Shea Nation might know, I was raised, and still live in South Jersey. My dad is from North Jersey, and that is where my Mets roots stem from. In all honesty, without him, I'D STILL BE A PHILLIES FAN!!!! The reason I'm not? - the fans in Philly!!!

They are the worst kind of people to have as fans for your team. All they do is get obnoxiously drunk and get in the face of every Met fan in the stadium. They win one division title in god knows how many years, and their fans get happy and decide to actually attend their games for a change. This comes at a price for us Met fans who actually are brave enough to attend a Mets-Phillies game in Philadelphia!

I know and expect to get a few comments wearing the opposing teams jersey in their home park, but being quiet as I am, minus the normal claps for great plays, I don't deserve to not enjoy an amazing game featuring one of the best pitching duels in baseball, Johan Santana vs. Cole Hamels. This was an important game, for both teams, as it would serve as great motivation to the winning team, beating the other team's "ace", and I wanted to enjoy it with my father. The reason I write this article is to tell you all about how mean and ruthless these Phillie fans really are!

I can honestly say, I hate the Phillies that much more than I did a week ago. I haven't been to a Mets - Phils game with my dad in Philly since 2002. I would always get comments (about 2-4 a game) and I expect that, being an away fan of a bitter rival. The fact that the Phils won the division last year gave them something extra to brag about, something else that makes them more angrier - and you'd think they might act differently, as last I looked, we lost and they won! It's not like we beat them in a huge comeback to end the season! At the game, I received double digit rude remarks on Friday night - even before I got to my seat!

So it began...I was parking my car and I got a "Hey Mets Man, you stink!!!" (another word was used here that I can't type) [Editor's Note: I have been to a few Phillies games in my time, and part of my family, sadly, comes from there- and I KNOW the language you are referring to- and yes, better to leave it to the "imagination" as these are, remember, the same fans that booed Santa Claus!!! - David] Yes I was still in the car and didn't even have a chance to show off my Mets' loyalty yet! As I got out of the car and walked towards the stadium, the drunk tailgators started an "a-hole" chant - just for me!! I walked into the stadium, and a bunch of high school boys were crossing my path and every last one of them said something rude to me. This was over a fifteen minute span. I get into my seat and of course right in front of me, there is a loud mouth drunk Philly fan and next to me, an older gentlemen who told me everything that was wrong with the Mets prior to pitch one. At this point, we all know the hostility was growing inside of me. I of course gave some shots back here and there, but not much, as it isn't my place I guess (1 against 50,000+ - not great odds!)

So now, 5 comments from people within direct contact to me - NOT the most comfortable way to watch a game, but I survived. Later during the game, I was walking over to the concession stand to get an ice cream, and another drunk kid gets in front of my face, 4 inches I'd say, and booed as loud as he could. I couldn't help but literally push him out of this way. Thankfully, he walked off. I then went to buy a Mets yearbook with my father. Two other kids walked by shouting again, of course, and this time they actually turned around and walked back to us, literally to say more stuff as if they hadn't said enough. All this time, my comments in return have been minimal, nothing more, but the disgust I felt towards them was now raging.


David Wright made up for it with a triple right after this, but seeing one of our guys cheered when they get injured is beyond ridiculous! That was lower than low and I took offense to it. As much as Mets' fans have been criticized lately for booing their own players, we'd never boo another team's player when they got injured- in fact, we usually cheer for them- man, THAT wasn't happening today!!!!

With his 2 run homer today, Reyes got a little bit of payback. I really hope he destroys them now. Oh yeah, did I mention I went to the game with a 7 YEAR OLD Phillies fan??!! His first game ever - and it was ruined, not by what happened on the field, but by the so-called Phillies' fans he was embarassed to be counted amongst- at 7!!! He can never get that first game back now. Nice job, Phillies' fans!!

I can honestly say, I was a little scared to be there last night. First time in 6 years and I was scared to be there. Never anything like that- until now. All I can say is Philly, come to our place and say the same type of comments you guys made Friday night. Somehow I think you'd forget your words before they come out. I can not emphasize how much I dislike the Phillies' fans, and unfortunately, more than the Phillies team themselves! They are, by far, the most arrogant fan base ever. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to portray this as speaking for all of their fans, but I am a little biased after last night, and rightfully so!

At the moment, the hatred I have for Phillies fans is exponentially higher than I could ever imagine. Let's go out there, sweep this series, and win the rest against the Phils. LET'S GO METS - WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

[Editor's Note: Living in Southern California for the past 15+ years means that I am usually rooting for the Mets in the home park of their opponent, and I totally understand how Robert feels and felt. In San Diego, Anaheim and San Francisco, the fans are pretty respectful and I haven't really received many cat-calls or problems. In Los Angeles, at Dodgers' games, it's gotten worse over the past 10 years as, in particular, gang-banger-types have given me (and other Mets fans) a harder and harder time. I won't back down to them and tell them that I have a right to cheer for my team just like they do, and I have a right to live where I want, just like they do...and yes, that goes over as badly as you'd think it does. I hate resorting to violence, but times like that my "New Yorker" side comes out and I back them down with my words and my volume- and it sure helps when the Mets actually win!!! Last year, I witnessed a Mets fan, during a loss to the Dodgers, take off his Mets shirt, bow in to peer pressure, put on a Dodgers shirt that someone bought for him, and root against the Mets! I stood up, called him a "Benedict Arnold" and gave him hell for bowing in to peer pressure. He looked majorly embarassed, and the fans around us pretty much shut up from there...and I was lucky nothing else came of it, as one against five, I can deal with...one against 50+, not so much...society gets angrier, the world grows more hostile, and Robert takes a 7 year old, impressionable kid to his first game and witnesses mankind at its worst...I really hate it when the "real world" intrudes on this great game of ours...and I'm sorry, Robert, that you had such a rough time of it but proud of you for sticking it out, handling it in a classy fashion, and hope that you'll stay strong whenever visiting the territory of our enemy!!! It's going to be a long season - for our COMPETITION!!!!-David]


Anonymous said...

they dont call them the worst fans in baseball for no reason now

Anonymous said...

its funny how this rivalry has effected us fans. i cant stand the yankees for their fans and like you robert i really cant stand the phillies because of their fans

Anonymous said...

it almost makes you feel bad for the phillies to have fans like those

Anonymous said...

amen brother

Ceetar said...

I went to that four game series early in the year last year, and there were a few comments but nothing major. I went to a random (non-Mets) game the year before that and got maybe one comment.

I went to a late Sept game here at Shea late last year, and there were more ejections then I've ever seen at Shea. Almost all involving Phillies fans.

I went to the last two games ever at RFK(Phillies @ Nats) and during the Saturday night game me and my friend walked around the upper deck to be closer to the exit to the car when the game ended, and literally had a trails of boos and comments following us from all the Phillies fans. That was pretty cool though..

I wonder how it'll be in September this year when (if) the teams are close and the division is tight.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Saturday game. If Phillies fans are so crude, and Mets fans so civil, why was the ratio of Mets fans to Phillies fans led away in handcuffs so high? Let me guess, the Philadelphia police force is "biased and obnoxious" as well? Probably not.

Maybe Mets fans aren't as advertised. Ignorance is bliss, folks...

Robert Milelli said...

completely false, of course a met fan is going to retaliate when consistently getting verbally abused by a philly fan. It's only a matter of time. Mets fans can be bad, trust me, as all teams have, i was just telling my experience of what happened. More philly fans are hostile than met fans. period.