April 09, 2008

Stop With The Nonsense

Joe Benigno of the Fan says it best, “Oh the pain.”

Collectively as Met fans we have to be a little discouraged with the way the season has started. The Mets get off to a good start by taking the series from the Marlins, but Pedro goes down for four to six weeks. Ok, I can live with that. As long as he’s coming back, that’s all that matters.

Then they go into the Atlanta series with John Maine and Johan Santana throwing for them. I didn’t want to say it, but I thought we would be able to take those two games with the way they were hitting. And wouldn’t you know it, they get swept behind a terrible outing by Maine and a no show of offense for Johan who only gave up one run in seven innings.

Now we come home to face the Phillies and their version of Tom Glavine, Jamie Moyer. With Oliver Perez on the mound, I once again had the thought going through my mind that they should be able to get at Moyer, even though Perez is atrocious against the Phillies. Perez did his part with five and a third shut out innings. Then just like that, we are smack right in the middle of last years collapse. The bullpen lost it for their second loss (the bullpen’s).

When are we as Met fans going to have an easy ride with anything? I like to say that the Mets can’t give their fans anything without first taking a piece of our soul as their souvenir and each season they prove it. Even in 1986, when they cruised through the regular season, in the playoffs they just about gave the entire Shea Faithful a collective hart attack before capturing the World Series trophy.

I know that there are worse fans off than us, the Cub and this years Tiger fans, but to live in a place where your cross town cousins are the Yankees and to have to listen to the most annoying fans in baseball just makes it that much harder to be a Met fan.

No one can ever say that we Met fans aren’t loyal to our team. Because if that were the case, the Mets wouldn’t have a fan base. So now I’m reduced to getting on my knees and begging them to stop with the nonsense and win some games. Please.

Now let’s go out there and have Pelfrey finally find the magic that made him a first round draft pick. Remember, it’s all about confidence Pelfrey.


Anonymous said...

theyre playing like they dont even care if they win

Anonymous said...

joe does put it well

Anonymous said...

i dont think i can take it if they lose again tonight

Anonymous said...

what is going on with this team

Anonymous said...

It was another devastating blow.. to have a lead and to give it up AGAIN!!

With Pelfrey on the mound tonight and Figueroa on the mound tomorrow.. what should we expect??