April 16, 2008

Why is THIS version of Mike Pelfrey different than all OTHER versions of Mike Pelfrey?

Because other versions of Mike Pelfrey have not put together 2 back-to-back, superbly pitched baseball games! When Pelfrey is at his best, his fastball is very heavy and seems to "explode" when it hits the catcher's mitt. Well, last night was a great example of that, as he threw seven innings of scoreless ball, allowing no runs with 5 hits, striking out 4 with a fastball that apparently topped out at 97 mph (I say "apparently" because so far this season, there's been a huge discrepancy between radar guns from network to network.) The Nats only hit two fly balls to the outfield versus "Big Pelf," and he was followed by the returning Duaner Sanchez, who pitched an excellent ninth inning in his first major league appearance in 21 months!

3 great victories in one evening- the Mets beat the Nats, Pelfrey steps up to become the pitcher we've waited for for over 2 years, and Sanchez returns to the bullpen for the first time in almost 2 years!!! That's one down, 2 to go...until the Phils!!!

Lest I Forget: Jose Reyes came back from his hammy strain in a big way, going 4 for 5, with a single, double, triple, out and another double - a mere dinger away from the cycle! And David Wright knocked in 5 runs, again coming off his Letterman appearance in a huge way!!! See- it's still early April there's a long way to go, and victories like this help keep those "boo-birds" away...at least for a night!


Anonymous said...

pelfrey could prove to be an ace yet

Anonymous said...

GO BIG PELF!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

jose came back with avengance yesterday