April 15, 2008

Wright on Letterman: Games Are Longer 'Cause Guys Pimp Their Homers!!!

David Wright had another great appearance on the "David Letterman Show" last night, following legendary actor Al Pacino, no mean feat in itself. Here is an overview of some of the topics discussed, with a paraphrased version of Wright's answer:

On Wright's 100th Homer: DW said he wrote "100 HR" on the ball and put it right into his display case.

On why the team is faltering early: Bad execution, a sluggish start and the pitcher's having the advantage in the cold weather.

On how a hitter can grab hold of a ball within one second, judging the speed and location as best as possible: I'm not so good at it, either...it's the only sport where you can be wrong 7 out of 10 times and be among the best in your field.

On why games have gone from around the 2 hour, 15 minute mark to over 4 hours: Players are "pimping their homers" and fist-pumping after strike-outs, more commercial breaks and he's okay with the longer games.

On why DW gets to the stadium at 2pm for a 7pm game: Some players aren't as talented as others, so he needs more time to get himself ready for the game. It's a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately town, in case you hadn't noticed...(Letterman responded "I do a TON for NY" to great applause and laughter.)

On last season's disappointment: Wishes he had an answer as to what happened. When the pitchers threw well, the hitters didn't come through, and vice versa.

On this season: More intensity in Spring Training. They are putting last year behind them, the end of one chapter and the start of another.

On their rivalry with the Phillies: It's great, Our fans hate their fans, our players hate their players, and fights break out all the time. He even takes time outs sometimes to see fights break out- he's got the "best seat in the house!"

Finally, after a commercial break, Wright and Letterman are out on the street, where Letterman pitches to Wright a few times from behind a backstop. However, before they went to the break, Letterman showed Wright the balls he was going to hit, which, due to NY regulations, were now sponge-like instead of hardballs. Wright responded "Let me get this straight- you let A-Rod and McGwire get hard balls and I get soft balls?" Too funny!!! Letterman threw a couple of pitches to Wright, the first of which went a block-long, over a cab, and bounced in front of a bus! Letterman also hit Wright in the middle of the back, but the pitch might have "topped out" at 45mph and it was, after all, a rubber-like ball.

A lot of fun, Wright was his usual well-spoken, funny self, and you can see the entire appearance by heading to You Tube- click here!


Anonymous said...

i cant believe letterman beaned wright...priceless

Anonymous said...

wishing he had the answer to the collapse was the right answer