May 01, 2008



Why are we so pissed off? Why are we so angry? I'm dropping this one Kinison style!

We're so angry because:

  • The Mets traded one of the greatest right handed pitchers in the history of the game in Tom Seaver - "agghhhhhh"
  • There wasn’t a Wild Card in the 80’s - "agghhhhhhhh"
  • of Terry Pendleton - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Lasorda brought Hershiser in from the pen to close out Game 4 in ’88 - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We had to watch John Franco blow saves for 14 years! - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We had to watch his successor Armando Benitez for 4 even worse years. - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Kenny Rogers walked in the season-ending run while Rickey and Bobby Bo played cards in the clubhouse - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Timo Perez failed to run hard in Game 1 of the 2000 World Series - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The 2000 World Series Champs seemingly shared the anabolic needle like it was a “j” at Woodstock - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • "Who Brought the Dogs Out" was a theme song in 2000 - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Robby Alomar was a bust
  • Kazmir was traded for the wrong Zambrano - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The Marlins have won two championships in 10 years - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Generation K turned into Generation KO - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Beltran failed to swing - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We could really use Brian Bannister right now - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We have to watch those Giseppe Franco commercials in between every inning - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The organization held a sing a long contest and… - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • they played that rick astley song - "aghhhhhhhh" talk about adding salt to the wound and this was our own organization humiliating us - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Tom Glavine puked all over September last season - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Delgdo forgets to cover the bag - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Delgado is hitting under .200 - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • Delgado didn't come out for a curtain call - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • The team can't hit with men on base - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • They lost 13-1 to the lowly Pirates - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • They are so freaking inconsistent - "aghhhhhhhh"
  • We will forever be humiliated by the ’07 collapse unless a championship is won - "aghhhhhhhh"
That's why we're so angry!

Feel free to add any other reason I may have missed. I know there's plenty more.

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Chris said...

We gave Luis Castillo a FOUR year contract....aghhhh!