May 22, 2008

Church Wants In; Alou Back To New York

Marty Noble at on Ryan Church:

Although his forehead looked as if it had been scrubbed with steel wool and his knees were scraped and his name had been excluded from the Mets' lineup on Wednesday night, Ryan Church said he felt all right and he thought he was well enough to play if a need were to arise. Less than 24 hours after he suffered an apparent concussion, the Mets' starting right fielder said he was free of concussion symptoms and concern about his latest medical episode.

"I'm fine and I want to play," Church said.

In a separate article for Marty Noble writes about Moises Alou:
With no visible indication of a problem, Moises Alou left the field on Wednesday night and returned to the Mets' clubhouse. The club announced shortly thereafter that Alou had a strained left calf. The outfielder will be heading back to New York for an MRI on Thursday.

You have got to be kidding me Alou. You know what, put Pagan back in left and leave the roster alone because Alou will be out for another month. This whole thing is getting on my last nerve.

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