May 14, 2008

Could The Shea Apple Make It To Citi?

Marty Noble at writes about the Home Run Apple and that it could be included in the Citifield Plans:

The Mets' new home next season may have a piece of their current home -- the Apple. No matter what, a home run apple will be installed just beyond the outfield wall -- as it is at Shea Stadium -- but this one will be left of center. And according to Mets COO Jeff Wilpon, it hasn't yet been determined whether the old one can handle the move or whether a replacement will be necessary.
That would be great if it could. I know that it is out dated and that it is an eye sore, but it holds sentimental value for us Met fans.


Anonymous said...

i dont think that apple will make it past the front gate of shea without falling apart

David Rubin & Jonathan Elfenbein said...

If there is ANY way they can keep that apple going, even if it costs a lot of $$, I think it's vital as a link to our past. Let's face it- we don't have a Monument Park like the Yanks do, and there will be very little about Citi Field that will bring us back to our past, especially while the ballpark is being "broken in" as it were. It would be a nice bridge to our past, good and bad, as well as sparing us from looking at something that might be more Hi-tech without having the "character" of that good, old apple...