May 20, 2008

Martinez Back In The Rotation Next Week?

Marty Noble at writes about Pedro Martinez and him throwing a simulated game that could lead to his early return:

The reunion of Pedro Martinez and the Mets, not to be confused with the return of Martinez to active duty, is to happen this week while the team is here to play four games in three days against the Braves. Martinez's return to the rotation may follow closely, though. The pitcher who was to have been the team's No. 2 starter could make his second big league start of the season shortly, possibly at Shea Stadium as soon as next week.
Well you could definitly say that Pedro coming back would be a huge boost for the team and the way that Maine has been pitching, the Mets could be looking at having the best top three of the order in the Majors. Yes even better than the D-Backs Webb, Haren and Big Unit.


Anonymous said...

pedro will be a welcomed sight when he comes back to the big stage

Anonymous said...

i love the way our rotation looks with him behind santana and infront of maine