May 19, 2008

A Reaction To The Randolph Comment

A reader of Shea Nation posted this response to the Willie Randolph article below and I felt that it should be on the main page of the site because it rings true and thanks I can't get the MLK speech out of my head:

I just read your post, and O'Connor's article, and I have to say that this smells like desperation on Willie's part. I was born here, but am of Puerto Rican heritage, and have loved baseball since I was a little kid. My dad moved here a year before the Mets began, and they've been his team ever since. My favorite players growing up were Cleon Jones, Jon Matlack, Darrly Strawberry, Al Leiter, John Franco, Mike Piazza, Pedro and Carlos Beltran - not for their color, only for their play, both what they did, and what I HOPED they'd do. Didn't always get it, but that's why there are 30 teams competing each year. Willie, don't do the whole "race" thing- it minimizes what you stand for, your long list of off-field contributions and makes it easier for everyone to use whatever differences they possess as an excuse for their lack of success. The color of your skin didn't lose last season; the latin heritage of a majority of your players didn't lose last season; not playing up to expectations lost, and that is something that knows no color. As David said- win games, please, and let's all get past this...that darn Rodney King line keeps popping up in my head- "why can't we all just get along..."

If this was your post, please let us know what your name is so we can give you the credit you deserve.

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