May 19, 2008

Reyes Effected By His Contract?

Joel Sherman at the New York Post writes about Jose Reyes and about the off chance that he might think that he under sold himself when he signed his contract in 2006 as to one of the reasons for his performance late last season and early this season:

One theory that has often floated about to explain why Jose Reyes has not been Jose Reyes for a while now is that he is upset at his contract. I never really did buy that theory. He received the deal during the 2006 campaign and played spectacularly to about the midway point of last year. Was it then that it dawned on him that he undersold himself? Also, let’s keep in mind that even if the New York Mets pick up his very affordable option in 2011, he is looking at nearly $30 million between now and then. Not as much as he could have made by a long stretch if he went year to year. But certainly enough to scrimp by on for a while.
That is just ridiculous. I mean if he felt like he got under sold then he shouldn't have signed the contract. Besides that is just stupid to think that that's the reason why he hasn't been his 2006 self. Anyway just thought that readers might like to see what some people are pondering when it come to Reyes.

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Anonymous said...

My bet is that that is the number 1 reason behind his funk. Let's not forget that just when Reyes signed his 24 million dollar contract, the mets went on to sign david wright for 55 million. So, Reyes is kicking butt all through 2007 and that's when it strikes him just how underpaid he is. The very fact that he got off to such a great start in 2007 fortifies this theory, not destroys it. After all, if he stunk in 2007 would he think he was under paid?? no. As soon as they gave wright that contract, i knew that reyes would feel it. Oh well, too bad met fans. they should up the ante with reyes or trade him asap.