May 14, 2008

The Strong Shoulders Of Ryan Church

Pete Khazen at writes about Ryan Church and how he seems to be carrying the Mets on his shoulders:

Ryan Church's shoulders don't seem to be getting tired. He's carrying the Mets team this early season. With a home run and four RBI on Tuesday, he now has eight and 30, respectively, on the season to go with his team-high .324 batting average.

I bet the critics of this trade are looking at their stat sheets and are shaking their heads because who would have guessed that Ryan Church would have been hitting this well?! He’s already over half way to matching his last season total home runs of 15 with 8. He is surely turning out to be the 2006 version of Xavier Nady.

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Anonymous said...

i was one of the people who didnt like the trade but now to look at it i think omar saw something in his old team that made him have to go through with the deal