May 19, 2008

Umpire Says He Messed Up

Josh Alper at AOL Sports writes about the home run blunder last night and that the umpire admits that he messed up the call:

Umpires like Bob Davidson who, from home plate, overruled third-base umpire (and umpire in position to make the call) Mike Reilly's fair ruling of Carlos Delgado's shot. After the game, he offered this assessment of a job poorly done.

"I ----ed it up. I'm the one who thought it was a ---- foul ball. I saw it on the replay. I'm the one who ----ed it up so you can put that in your paper. Bolts and nuts, I ----ed up. You've just got to move on. No one feels worse about it than I do.


Anonymous said...

Of COURSE he messed up- and his potty mouth won't take any of the heat off of him. What a jerk!

The Bumpire said...

nice.. i will add this to my umpiring blog. its pretty funny, or at least i try.