May 20, 2008

Where, Oh Where, Has our Offense Gone??? Reward if Found!

Let's do the math together, shall we?

Game 1 - Mets lose to the Braves, 6-1

Game 2 - Mets losing to Braves 4-0 (bottom 6th)

Total (so far)

Braves - 10 Runs

Mets - 1 Run

10 - 1 = 9 Run differential in today's double-header - and the game isn't over yet!!

Yet another 180 degree turn from their 2-game series with the Yankees- therefore, I am putting out an APB on the Mets' offense!!!! Reward if found!!!!!!

Bad enough that we lose to Glavine and have had to put up with all of the "Willie" silliness- now we are losing to a reliever thrown into the rotation because of the double-header?? We are now just about a .500 team yet again!!! We just can't get on a winning streak, and it's been far too long a time spent in a lethargic haze for this team. When we pitch, we don't hit, and vice versa- why can't we put together one nice, long (like, say, 7 games) streak wherein we look like the team we are supposed to be??? Or is the way we're playing the way we're supposed to be? I don't think so, but the longer we look like this, the harder it is to turn things around...

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