June 30, 2008

NYFS Lists Updated Mets Prospects List

Brian at NYFS ranks the success of the top 13 prospects in the Mets' system over the past few weeks.

At number one is shortstop Wilmer Flores- are we looking at the person that makes Jose Reyes an outfielder or trade bait, or is Flores our next centerfielder? It's far too soon to contemplate Flores' status in the hierarchy of our minor league system, and as Brian said,

"let’s just hope for his continued success, sit back and enjoy the show."

Rounding out the top five are F-Mart, Eddie Kunz, Nick Evans and Michael Antonini.

Another great story worth following is the continued improvement of Mets AA starter Robert Parnell, whose pitching maturity seems to finally be catching up with his 94mph+ heat (1 or fewer runs in 6 of his last 7 games). Parnell is still only 23, young for a power pitcher, and his growth combined with his high ceiling makes him another AAer to watch closely!

Finally, Jon had sent a link to a story/boxscore about former top prospect Shawn Bowman about 12 days ago, and I didn't have time to post it prior to today. Back in 2004, on the way to a Spring Training game, Jon was speculating about what might happen when Bowman becomes major league-ready, as he felt his glove and power potential rivaled, and possibly surpassed then-rookie David Wright. Nice to see Bowman, who is getting healthy after a long spell of back problems, might be on the road back to top prospect status again. If he does, we'll have a backlog of talented corner infielders, for a change - and wouldn't THAT be nice!

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Mookie Me, Lenny said...

Love the sound of Parnell- he might be another John Maine or better! I wouldn't mind a rotation next season of Pedro/Johan/Maine/Pelfrey/Niese and the following season add Parnell for Pedro!

Great to hear about Bowman- I remember hearing about him a few years back and wondered what happened to him.