June 06, 2008

Reviewing the Mets Draft

Yesterday, the Mets drafted two power bats in Ike Davis and Reese Havens in the first round.

Ike Davis is a first baseman and was drafted out of Arizona State, who is said to have a great power bat, as well as a fastball as high as 94 mph. He seems to be a Mark Teixeira type player who can bomb the occasional pitch. Can't wait to see him playing 1st base instead of Delgado soon. Describing his fielding abilities, ESPN writes:

At first base, he’s a good athlete and provides a big target for infielders’ throws, but is still raw and a little uncoordinated.

Reese Havens came from University of South Carolina, and is a shortstop, who, as Peter Gammons says, "is like a Russel Martin Type", and may turn into a catcher. ESPN says about him:

A legitimate prospect in high school, teams were scared off because of a strong commitment to South Carolina. He’s improved steadily in his three years there and has evolved into a good all-around hitter with outstanding plate discpline. He may need to move to third down the road because of his lack of range, but his smarts in the field may at least give him the opportunity to play his way off of short as a pro. At either spot, he’s sure to go off the board pretty quickly.

He seems like once he makes it to the big leagues he's going to be a big time player (clutch), a leader, and someone with a high baseball IQ (yes, even better than that of Lastings Milledge's). I like what ESPN says about him and hope that he can blossom into a solid baseball player. Who knows, maybe Luis Castillo won't be putting his MVP-Caliber stats when Havens is ready.

The 3rd pick for the Mets is a RHP out of UNC-Wilmington named Brad Holt. Baseball America describes him:

His fastball has improved since arriving in Wilmington and now sits between 92-94 mph, touching 96… He is able to maintain his velocity deep into games. [He has] vastly improved command. Holt at 6-foot-4, 195 pounds, has a perfect pro body with a clean delivery and a first-round arm… The only thing holding him back is the lack of a usable secondary pitch…. Even though his secondary stuff is in need of refinement, teams will not walk away from the pro body, strong arm and life on the fastball.

The next pick, at #68, is an outfielder named Javier Rodriguez. He comes from Puerto Rico and Baseball America ranks him as the 102nd best prospect in the draft. Personally, I don't love the pick, and think we should have gone for a starter/reliever, but, time will tell what the pick was like.

Those are the main 4 picks of the draft. You can watch round 2 today on MLB.com, will keep you updated. For more, please visit Mets Bullpen.

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