June 13, 2008

SI's Heyman Says Randolph, Coaches Could Be Gone!

At his latest post at SI.com Jon Heyman offers the following:

Willie Randolph's status as Mets manager is extremely tenuous now. General manager Omar Minaya is seriously considering changing managers and at least a couple of the team's coaches, sources told SI.com.

A Mets official indicated that nothing was expected to be decided today regarding Randolph's status. But that doesn't preclude something from happening later this weekend. Front-office sources indicate his hold on the job is shaky, at best.

Should Randolph be fired, bench coach Jerry Manuel will take over, sources told SI.com.

Wow! Also from Heyman, on the status of the coaching staff:

Minaya is also weighing other changes, which could include removing hitting coach Howard Johnson and pitching coach Rick Peterson, sources indicate. Some organization people believe sweeping changes must be tried in order to jump-start the disappointing team.
Triple-A New Orleans pitching coach Dan Warthen would be a candidate to take over for Peterson.

We'll keep you posted if/when something happens. What a weeek and a half this has been, huh? And NOT in a good way...

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Mets Fan DC said...

Time to bring back Rick Downs as hitting coach. HoJo was suppose to make Wright a better hitter, but it is not working. I don't care if HoJo is Wright's "baseball father."