June 10, 2008

So Very Many Questions...So Few Answers...


One of the things a good trainer does is assure his/her trainee that no question is out of bounds, as it pertains to the job at hand (exclusive of personal questions, of course.) I like to say "there are no dumb questions, only stupid answers" and I assure my trainees that if they don't get the answer the first time, it's because I didn't explain it correctly and will try to do a better job next time.

Well, as a Mets' fan, taking that same philosophy into account, I'd like to have answers to the following laundry list of questions pertaining to this team. And don't worry- I'll add some answers of my own in a post that will be up tomorrow. [Some of these questions are aimed at Omar, some at Willie, some are rhetorical, and some pertain to the fans. There are also some that probably just can't be answered...at least not yet...]

I'd love to see who can answer the most questions, with the wittiest answers! In fact, I'll post the winning entry and allow the winner to write a Met-related article on anything that moves them...keep all answers "clean" though...

1.) How can Willie get upset with fans who question his success as a Mets' manager? He compares the job he's done to the sorry state we were in under Art Howe- but there's only one problem- he STILL hasn't won a World Series, last I looked, and managed this team to the worst collapse any team has ever had, not just any Mets' team.

2.) Why would Omar allow Ryan Church, coming off of 2 concussions, to fly to Colorado in the first place?

3.) Why did the Mets wait 15 days before putting Ryan Church on the DL?

4.) Why does it always seem that the Mets make their injuries seem less than what they originally appear and end up being far worse?

5.) For that matter, why do the Mets remain so secretive about injuries in the first place?

6.) How come the fans knew that Matt Wise didn't look right but the Mets doctors, who can see him up close and personal, didn't catch it as quickly as we did?

7.) Why do all Met back-up catchers have the same initials - RC? (Raul Casanova, Ramon Castro, Robinson Cancel)

8.) Why do the Mets need 3 catchers but never have enough outfielders or infielders?

9.) Why bring up the third catcher, with the excuse that you want to use Ramon Castro as a pinch-hitter, then never bring him in as a pinch-hitter?

10.) How come the Mets have to make 3 separate trips to the West Coast before the season is 70 games old?

11.) How come guys like Ojeda on the D-Backs can't hit at all but when he plays against the Mets he can drive in key runs? In fact, don't we seem to have that effect on every scrub, newly-promoted hitter and rookie pitchers?

12.) When do those "15 minutes" for Victor Zambrano start, exactly, Rick?

13.) If Aaron Heilman isn't being allowed to pitch, why continue to keep him on the roster and/or in the majors? Isn't there some deal he can be included in? Can't he be promoted to the minors, like we did with Steve Trachsel a few years ago, to get himself straightened out?

14.) Abraham Nunez????? (Need I say more?!)

15.) Did anyone else see that the Braves signed Brian Lawrence to a minor league contract? And that Nunez's promotion reminds one of the desperation shown when Lawrence actually was promoted to the majors?

16.) Wasn't it encouraging to see Pedro throwing 92mph? Wasn't it encouraging just seeing Pedro pitch at all? So the question is- do we sign Pedro to a performance-laden contract for 2009?

17.) How great would it be to have brought Cliff Floyd back this season, instead of seeing him help the young players on the Rays?

18.) Did Omar forgo drafting top high school talent in favor of more major-league-ready college players due to a "win-now" attitude?

19.) Does this team begin to remind anyone of the early 90's team chronicled in Bob Klapisch's excellent "The Worst Team Money Could Buy"?

20.) Is there any chance we can sign Kenny Lofton, as I recommended before the season began, and get rid of Nunez?

21.) Why, by the way, was Nunez promoted instead of Anderson Hernandez? How about Chris Aguila? Val Pascucci? Even Victor Mendez? But Nunez?

22.) Has Omar created a house of cards that has fallen around him?

23.) How can this team look to a 42 year old outfielder for salvation, a 39 year old pitcher (allegedly) to possibly return to the rotation and a series of AAAA players for roles on the bench?

24.) How come Nick Evans is good enough to be promoted to the bigs, but is sent back to AA instead of New Orleans? And why doesn't anyone else recognize that Evans is a dead-ringer for Kelly Leak of the "Bad News Bears" movie?

25.) Does the team have NO faith in Ken Oberkfell's abilities? Why else would we keep our best hitters in AA and populate his roster with has-beens and never-weres?

26.) Does Gary Carter think he'll EVER get another chance to rejoin the Mets' organization after his recent blunder?

27.) Why has Keith been so praiseworthy of Willie and the coaching staff lately? Does he sense a future job opening that he will fill, choosing to take the exact opposite tact from Carter?

28.) HOW did Marlon Anderson come back so quickly from an injury where everyone else who had the same one was out for months at a time? If MLB wasn't testing for everything under the sun, this side of HGH, anyway, I'd be a bit more suspicious!

29.) When does Omar pull the plug on Willie?

30.) When does Omar reshape the roster by bringing in more "professional" bench players, like Lofton, a Scott Hatteburg or Kevin Millar, etc?

31.) Omar was quick to trade major prospects to the Indians for pitcher Bartolo Colon when he ran the Nats/Expos- and then traded him away seemingly just as quick. So how come he didn't sign Colon THIS SEASON??? He's doing pretty well for Boston, and would have been a nice addition on a pay-for-play contract! It seems that every blog called for this signing, and everyone except Omar thought it would have been a good one. What did Boston GM Theo Epstein know that we didn't? And does it make you more or less likely to want us to sign Freddie Garcia?

32.) Do the Wilpons give Omar another season, at least, to right this ship?

33.) Does anyone think we can turn this season around, from 30-32, and win 60 of the next 100 games to qualify for a Wild Card spot?

34.) Did the Mets REALLY get swept in San Diego??? And did my wife and I REALLY drive nearly 3 hours each way to see that Saturday game? And did Oliver Perez REALLY pitch well that day??? And note to Megan & Russ- WHERE ARE THE PICTURES????

Part 2: Answers - Tomorrow!


ArtHowe=WillieRandolph said...

Here is the answer to all of your questions: Fire Willie!! Fire Omar!! Trade Beltran, Delgado, Castillo, O-Hern, Alou, Castro, Perez and Heilman! Bring up young kids! Wait 3 years! Win!!!! That's it!!

Omar Must Go!! said...

Omar put together a team to win in 2006, and couldn't do enough this offseason to make this into a team again. Willie will be fired by the All-Star break, and Omar will be fired once the season is over. We'll get some young "whiz-kid" GM who will be the recepient of all of Omar's college picks and the "wave" of young, Latin players - in other words, he'll have to start all over again!!! Welcome to Citi Field, folks! We'll be lucky to be in fourth place in 2009!!!

Anonymous said...

There's no way this team wins anything this season. They abused Church, and start too many old, crippled players. Perhaps Omar can get a dispensation to let his older players use HGH and uppers for just one more season, since he was such a nice guy and stuck to the slotting system the Commissioner likes so much...

Promote Young Mets!!! said...

Bring up Carp, Evans, Murphy, Martinez, Niese, Parnell, Kunz and Muniz and trade whoever you can, so that we can see what we have for the next few years in the minors and possibly get one or two decent players in return for Delgado, Castillo, Beltran, Wagner, Perez, Heilman and Castro!

Beane For GM!!! said...

It's simple- have the Mets hire Billy Beane, give him 5 percent ownership in the club, like his deal with Oakland, and let him take control of everything baseball-related. Imagine what he could do with a REAL budget??!! And a young, hungry manager like Joey Cora!!! Oh, my mind hurts thinking about how much better we could be!!!

The Answer Man said...

Here's the answers to questions 1-34:

Fire Willie, Fire Omar, Waive Delgado and Castillo, bring up young players and be okay with sucking for a few years while we rebuild. What other choices do we have???

Anonymous said...

I don't know about any of you, but I am going to stop watching for the next 2 weeks. I can't take these horrible losses anymore, making it hard to sleep and concentrate, and they're not worth my time right now. I don't care as much about the losing as I do about a team that just doesn't seem to have any killer instinct at all!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree- stopped watching after Sunday's nightmare. If Willie isn't fired, and soon, I won't be watching anymore.

Anonymous said...

I've been following the Mets for over 30 years now, am an African-American man and teach high school mathematics. I hated that Willie tried to bring up race to buy him some "sympathy" while his team was under-performing. No he doesn't hit or pitch, but he's also the most lost any Mets manager has been since I've been watching, other than Jeff Torborg. He seems over-matched and out-manuveured every game, and his coaches make so many mistakes (not sending Wright home on that double in San Diego) that the entire staff is lethargic and over-matched, too. Stay on topic, Willie- you've done a terrible job since mid-2007, and it's not getting better. That doesn't excuse the roster Omar put together, but it's not like he's helped any either. So Willie, perhaps this job was a good internship for you, and you'll do better elsewhere. It's a shame- I really wanted you to do well here!

Anonymous said...

Mets just waived Nunez- woo hoo! NOw that pennant is ours!!!!

George Theodore Rules! said...

Let's face it - we're not only playing in a lackluster fashion, we've got players who don't want to be here and a manager who lost his clubhouse long ago. It's almost impossible to overcome the way last season ended- that's why we shouldn't have to and Willie should have been fired after last season. It's too late now- might as well let him manage out the season, as it's not like we're going anywhere, anyway, and why pay him to do nothing the rest of the season- oh wait, that's what he's doing now! Never Mind!!!...

Anonymous said...

Trades aren't the answer- who wants the players we don't want?

Free agents aren't the answer- why should we lose even more draft picks?

The only solution is to promote some of the youngsters and see what they have in them. Let's face it- we're going nowhere this season - may as well get something out of it by learning what our minor leaguers can do.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your answers- maybe we'll have to FedEx them to Omar so he can see what he needs to do!!!

Love Me, Love My Mets said...

My poor wife has to hear over and over about how bad we are- even SHE is praying Willie gets fired so she can get a good nights' sleep! Omar- just DO IT!!!

Brian May Is My Guitar God!!! said...

I am about to become a Rays fan if this keeps up. Don't care as much that we're not going to win it all this season- just want to see that the team actually CARES and will get a winning streak going for a change!!!

JBL for President!! said...

The Mets might have to resort to what the WWE is doing to get viewers soon- giving away a million dollars every week! I am reluctant to watch even if they WERE giving the money away- I can waste 3 hours in far more exciting and productive ways!!!

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the WWE money giveaway- if I win, maybe I will donate some to the Mets to help them buy a winner, because what we have now doesn't resemble a winner at all!!! Makes me long for 2004!!! Ugh!!!

Willie or Won't He said...

Firing WIllie is NOT the answer- firing the entire ORGANIZATION IS!!!

The Fixer said...

Maybe willie is getting $$$ from tim donaghy to fix games??? And Pete Rose won't even take a bet on that!!!

Bring Up VAL!!! said...

It wont' solve anything, but bring up Val to play outfield- in fact, bring up Aguila, too, and let them both play because at least it seems like the WANT to earn their $$$!!!

Anonymous said...

According to the Daily News, Chris Aguila is on his way to Shea to take Nunez's place. Maybe someone actually IS listening to the fans for a change! Now where is Val???