June 19, 2008

This Could Be The Beginning Of Something Good

With the first win in the books for the new Mets interim manager and the new cogs in his coaching staff, one has to wonder if the contrasting differences between Randolph and Manuel will indeed bring a change to the way the team has been playing.

They fought out a win last night over the Angels that was almost reminiscent of the National League East champs of not to long ago. When the game went into the ninth, I was almost tempted to turn the television off and turn in for the night. Thank the baseball gods I didn’t, or I wouldn’t have been able to witness what I believe is actually going to be referred to as the emergence of Jerry Manuel’s Mets.

In no way am I slinging disrespect at Willie and the way that he managed the team. The only point that I’m trying to make is that this team was in desperate need of a butt kicking and that’s just what they got in the form of living through Jose Reyes’s tantrum on Tuesday night.

So I guess that we’ll just have to watch and see if this is indeed the transformation of the Mets into a first place team or a fluke game. I want to believe it’s the first choice and I’m going to bet that everyone does as well.


Ellie said...

I think you should have called this post 'This could be the start of something new'

Jonathan Trenn said...

As poorly as this was handled from both an immediate sense of Willie being fired to the way the whole thing was dragged out, the true test of whether or not this was a good or bad move will be determined how the Mes do from here on out. People will primarily forget about the unfairness of if if the Mets play very well.

That's the sad part. Because it shows that management won't learn.