June 12, 2008

We've Been "Kazmir'd!!"

By Ed Budd (Guest Blogger)

Ramblings of a Crazed Mets' Fan: We've Been KAZMIR'D!!!

My wife, Marilyn is wearing her orange David Wright #5 shirt to today's game (wouldn't it be nice if the real David Wright came back from wherever he's been vacationing?) [Editor's Note: Wright needs a break, having played every inning of every game so far- the only one in the MLB who has, I believe- so why not bring up Daniel Murphy from AA and let him spell Wright for a game here and there over the next week or so? - David] and SHE is going to the Mets' game today!!! Sitting with a friend of hers, whose husband doesn't want to use their tix IN SECTION 1 RIGHT BEHIND THE PLATE!!!!! AND she's going to see our $137 million dollar superstar (no, silly, NOT Castillo) pitch against Dan Haren. Not a bad matchup, right?

Pelfrey is God- (or is that "good" - it's about time! If he had been drafted by any other team, with any other pitching coach, he would've been doing what he did last night for two years or so, instead of two months. Peterson is the "anti-christ." Omar is the worst GM in the history of....................oh, ok, i'm starting to lose it, i know. And willie is the same guy who had 11 interviews with teams who rejected him until the mets suddenly decided that he was the perfect choice.

Jeff Wilpon hit the "DNA lottery." If his name was Jeff Smith, HE'D have been fired by the real owner. AND IF FRED RAN HIS REAL ESTATE EMPIRE LIKE HE'S RUN THE METS, THERE WOULD'VE BEEN NO REAL ESTATE EMPIRE.

Paul Simon once wrote:

"Where have you gone, Scott Kazmir,
a nation turns its lonely eyes to you,
woo woo woo,
What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson
Joltin Scott has left and gone away,
hey hey hey,
hey hey hey".

A new verb has entered the vocabulary of mets fans from where I am to where you are: WE'VE BEEN KAZMIR'D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEHOW WE'LL BE KAZMIR'D TODAY, TOO!!LAST SEPTEMBER, WE WERE KAZMIR'D!! SO FAR THIS YEAR, WE'VE BEEN KAZMIR'D!! IF MODELL'S CARRIED A METS KAZMIR #48 JERSEY, I'D BUY IT IN AN INSTANT. That jersey would be a true collector's item. And I, obviously a DMMR (dedicated masochist mets rooter), would wear it proudly.

Pardon me while I take a short break to dry my tears. Do you think i'm over-reacting? NO. The rule is, as a Mets' fan, you can NEVER over-react!!! But I'll still be a fan.............as long as my supply of Kleenex holds out!

[Editor's Note: Glad the Mets WON last night, Ed- I'd hate to see what you would've wrote had we lost AGAIN!!!- David]

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