August 01, 2008

Notes from B-Mets game

Mets Prospects is back to posting again... Sorry for the absence.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Bingamton Mets game tonight in New Britain. Bobby Parnell made the start tonight pitching 6 innings while allowing 3 runs on 7 hits. Personally, I am a big fan of Parnell. He has a very good fast ball, a pretty good change, but a pretty flat breaking ball from what I saw. His biggest problem was leaving his fastball up in the strike zone and that resulted in two big home runs. He looks good but very raw and needs more work until he will be ready for AAA or the Majors.

Mike Carp looked good tonight. He went 1 for 3 with a walk, a triple, and 3 rbis. There was actually an overthrow on his triple so he ended up scoring. The ball seemed to carry off Carps bat very well as he hit all his balls to deep parts in the outfield and most of the time it went a lot farther then it looked, always a good thing.

Kunz looked pretty good but a little wild as he walked 2, struck out 2, and gave up a hit while recording his 27th save.

Prior to the game, I showed up nice and early to interact with the players. Fernando Martinez did not play tonight but he said that he thinks he will play tomorrow night. He did however take batting practice and boy does he look good using the entire field. He was also real nice and signed autographs for everyone. Carp signed for only a short time because he was so busy trying to practice first and outfield. By the way, Mike Carp and Shawn Bowman look exactly the same. Bowman even ran by saying, "Sorry, I'm not Carp." The nicest guy though was Eddie Kunz. He signed before and after bp making sure everyone was happy. I asked Joe Hieptas if he was planing to catch again and he said that ship has sailed which cracked up Kunz. (Pictures: Martinez top, Kunz bottom)

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