October 01, 2008

It's The End Of The Season As We Know It

While the rest of the writers on this site got to experience the last days of Shea actually inside the stadium, I was forced to watch the agonizing conclusion inside a crappy sports bar in Pocatello, Idaho. Because it was on Sunday, and because I was in Idaho, there was no one in a 2400 mile radius that actually cared about a Mets game except for me. So I sat in a distant corner watching a crappy TV at 12 Mountain Time with a beer. Of course I had several ravenous Broncos fans around me who were already pissed that I had taken one of there TV’s. They weren’t nearly as bad as the drunken Vikings fan who thought every one in the whole bar needed to hear his less than informative ravings about how awful the ref’s were. At least I was watching the game though. My friend Steve tagged along and was nice enough to have his laptop so we could keep track of the Brewer’s score as well. It was a less than inspiring end to the season but at least the last game had some significance. I’ve sat through to many Mets season’s that ended around the all star break.

It got me to thinking about how long the off-season was going to be. I feel like we just got through the last one and we now have to suffer through more speculation and rumor. I will admit though, that the day’s after the last game I looked through everything Mets on the internet to read through multiple articles and comments sections just so I could hang on a little bit longer to my team. I’m not ready to let go yet. You don’t put that much time and heart into a season as a fan and then just let it go. At least I can't. So, to hang on for a little bit longer I want to offer my own perspective of what we should do this offseason. To do this I would like to revisit what I said we needed going into this season. I apologize ahead of time.

What I was wrong about: (see pictures below to see how much I needed to drink to make such a statement):

1.) I was in favor of Brian Schneider for what I said was, “His amazing defensive skills”

2.) I wanted Moises Alou back. Now, I did say he would miss some time but his bat was very valuable.

3.) I wanted us to sign Carlos Silva as a free agent. Hey, that’s why I’m not a general manager.

4.) I thought Pedro could be our #1 starter if we didn’t get a big name.

5.) “Aaron Heilman has proven to be reliable and durable.” That’s a direct quote and I should no longer be allowed to write on this site.

6.) I wanted to bring back Luis Castillo to sure up second base. I really shouldn’t be allowed to say anything Mets related with a thought process that obviously resembles a drunken squirrel.

What I was right about:


So without further ado, here’s what we should do this season. I apologize ahead of time.

1.) Keep our core. I can’t believe I even have to bring this up. Are there actually people out there who want us to trade D. Wright and Reyes? Apparently so and they should be forced to root for the Nationals. David Wright stays at third, Reyes stays at short. Please don’t make any comments to the contrary because I won’t be able to handle it.

2.) Keep Delgado and Ryan Church. I’ll admit I was one of the people wondering if maybe Delgado should ride the pine the second half. You all did, don’t act like you didn’t. He obviously found his stroke and corrected a major flaw in his swing. He is still getting older but I would roll the dice on him for next season. I don’t think he’ll be on fire like he was the second half but he will put up solid first base numbers. I still like Church a lot. He was our MVP for a little while and I wonder what his season would have been like had his brain not tried to take on Yunel Escobar's knee. One point for knee. I like his defense and he should be our right fielder next year.

3.) Dump the old guys. Sorry Moises Alou, Orlando Hernandez, Pedro Martinez. I think everyone can agree that we can't keep trotting out guys with major injury histories. These guys are almost guaranteed to get hurt again. I really love Alou’s bat and Pedro’s energy and leadership but the experiment is over.

4.) Dump Castillo. I was so far off with this guy. I’m interested in the Daniel Murphy experiment at second base in winter league. Orlando Hudson at second would be a dream come true. Either way Castillo can not be there opening day.

5.) Young left fielder with energy. I saw speculation on Mets Blog that Eric Byrnes could possibly be moved with the Mets being a possible option. Yes, Please. I would love to see Byrnes roaming around Citi Field next year. The guy leads by example and would add some much needed energy to the lineup.

6.) Improve Bullpen. You think?!

7.) Another Starter. We need another solid starter to follow Santana, Pelfrey, and Maine. I fear Perez may be done in Flushing. I still like the guy but I agree with a lot of people that he’s not worth what Boras is going to ask. I’ve heard Derek Lowe’s name getting thrown around. He has a career ERA under 4 and has postseason experience. I like it. I would stay away from Ben Sheets. Tons of talent but another injury concern. We have had enough of that. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot more about who is up for grabs in the trade market after the world series is over. It will be interesting to see if Omar can shake out a trade or two.

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