October 13, 2006

Beltran the bird killer

Mark Newman at Mets.com, writes about Carlos Beltran and how he seems to be hurting the Cardinals yet again:

The Cardinals have seen this Carlos Beltran before.

In Thursday's opener of the National League Championship Series, he accounted for the game's only runs with a two-run homer in the sixth inning, and even managed to double up Albert Pujols at first base on a key play to end the fourth.

After the game, the Mets' center fielder answered the question that was on everyone's mind: Did he remind himself of October 2004? Was it a flashback of those days in an Astros uniform when he smashed one postseason record after another for Houston and would have been NLCS MVP if not for that Game 7 comeback victory by St. Louis?

"Yeah, in the postseason that I had with the Astros against St. Louis, that was a great postseason, and just hitting the home run today, of course, brings memories," he said. "But I cannot be thinking about what I did in 2004. This is 2006, and I just need to continue to do it, you know, to do the right things for the team and try to help the team any way I can offensively or defensively."

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