October 24, 2006

Don't Count Out The Braves This Offseason!

Tom Glavine & Greg Maddux back in Braves' uniforms?

Folks, it's not that far-fetched. Glavine resigning with Atlanta is more of a possibility then we'd like to think. If the Mets don't exercise their option, and Glavine doesn't exercise his option, he becomes a free agent and the Mets have to pay him a $3 million buy-out. If the Braves were then to offer him a $7 million dollar contract, he'd still be making $10 mil this year, 30% of which would subsidize his year with the Braves (and this would make all of us bigger Braves' haters then we are currently). If Glavine resigns with the Braves, Maddux might want to do likewise, as he'd be reunited with golf partners Smoltz and Glavine, where he had the majority of his major league success. The Braves still have a powerful offensive nucleus, a closer signed for next year and a lot more money to spend this year than they did last year. It's even more imperative that we sign Glavine, with Pedro's situation being what it is and the possibility of making our chief rival stronger by Glavine's subtraction/addition. The Dodgers will be making a big pitch to resign Maddux, and we'd like to see this happen, too, which would leave the Braves' short-staffed in the rotation again- and take THAT, Roger McDowell!

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