October 24, 2006

Setting Up 2007

We're going to be posting a series of articles with our predictions/suggestions for next year's roster. Today is an overview to this series.

The 2005-2006 offseason was pretty drastic, bringing us our everyday first baseman (Delgado), catcher (Lo Duca), Rightfielder (Nady, for 1/2 a season), bullpen stopper (Wagner) and various "spare parts" that ended up playing larger roles then originally anticipated (Perez, Hernandez, Williams, Valentin, Chavez, etc.) This offseason, the main holes looming in the roster are corner outfield, second base and starting rotation. The good news is that there are ample, capable bodies to fill each space, and the primary cost is money (via free agency).

This offseason, the primary roster questions are:

1.) Who will lead the rotation?
2.) Will Tom Glavine be resigned?
3.) Who will play second base?
4.) Will Jose Valentin be resigned?
5.) Who will start in left-field?
6.) Will Lastings Milledge become trade bait?
7.) Will Cliff Floyd be resigned at a substantial discount, or has he played his last game for us?
8.) Who will fill out the bullpen?
9.) Will Heilman be packaged with Milledge in a blockbuster deal? Will we resign Oliver, Feliciano, Hernandez and/or Mota?

Other questions will come up, and we'll address those, too, beginning tomorrow when we discuss the pitching staff. John and I will offer our suggestions via internet conversation, and we welcome you to throw your "two cents" into the discussion. See you tomorrow!

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