October 17, 2006

Glavine Gets Extra Day of Rest - And So Do We!

Well, it was still raining this morning in good ole' St. Louis- I'm sure the good folks of New York would be HAPPY to have the game played there, not that this will happen...the good news was two-fold- first, Tom Glavine gets another day of rest, meaning that now he will pitch on his usual 4 days of rest; second, we get a day break from the craziness, and don't have to have heartburn 4 days in a row! I feel like we are all on the field with our beloved team, and every at-bat and ground ball flows through us- that's what being a fan is truly about! Let's hope for another offensive barrage tonight, that Pujols continues his cold-streak and that Glavine has a repeat of his game 1 performance!

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