October 18, 2006

Glavine now can only watch

Barry M. Bloom at Mets.com, writes about Tom Glavine and the fact that he can only watch for the outcome of the NLCS. I just want to note that I don't blame Glavine for the game last night but the offense for not getting into the game. When you have an offense like the Mets, you can't settle for two runs on a pitcher like Weaver. Anyway here is the article:

Now the hard part will come for Tom Glavine. As the Mets try to come back from a 3-2 deficit in this best-of-seven National League Championship Series on Wednesday night, and perhaps Thursday night, at Shea Stadium, he'll be forced to watch from the bench.

"That's the worst part of any series," Glavine said after he couldn't stave off the Cardinals in a 4-2 loss in Game 5 at Busch Stadium on Tuesday. "I'm always more anxious sitting there watching than I am when I'm pitching. At least when you're out there pitching, you feel like you have some control of what's going on. When you're watching, you don't."

And these are now anxious times. In Game 6, the Mets are pinning their hopes on John Maine, a relative novice, against Cardinals ace right-hander Chris Carpenter, last year's NL Cy Young Award winner and a candidate again this season.

One matter is almost certain: Mets manager Willie Randolph doesn't plan on using Glavine again until the World Series -- that is if the Mets ascend to the World Series, beginning Saturday night at Detroit.

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