October 09, 2006

Mets Sweep! Yanks Weep!

Wow! What a great weekend to be a Mets' fan!!! First we sweep the Dodgers (and I get spared having to purchase 2 tix on Sunday for about $350!). Even after Kent put the Dodgers ahead, 5-4, I knew that we'd win the game- it was our destiny. Fact is, the Dodgers were good, at times very good, but not in the Mets' class this season. Second, shades of 2004 as the Tigers came back from a 1-0 defecit to win 3 straight and take the first round series from the Yanks. The rumors on Sunday were that Joe Torre was going to be fired and Lou Pinella rehired- but that is far from confirmed as of today. Either way, for a team with a $200 million + payroll, they certainly under-performed this season once again. The best part is that we won't have to share the back pages with the boys from the Bronx much more this offseason; the worst part is that we don't get to beat them in a Subway Series rematch. Oh well- there's always next year- for THEM! Bring on the Cardinals!

Tomorrow: A Review of the Redbirds!

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