October 07, 2006

Subway Series: Mets Doing Their Part- Where Are The Yankees?

The Mets are 2-0 vs. the Dodgers, the Yankees are 1-2 vs. the Tigers. We are keeping up our end of the "bargain" for a second subway series; what about the Yankees???

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Anonymous said...

Gents, I'm new to NY just out of college. Where I'm from MLB is non-existant not like in New York. I played when I was a kid, and was never a fan of MLB.

I starting to really like the Mets this year. They seem like a really good, young team with good atitudes seem like winners. Why is NY so Yankees oriented? and why do the Mets fans always compare what they do?

I'm a big football fan (not fond of any of the teams here!) and the two teams here hardly seem to care if the other exists. And they share the stadium! Anyways it's good being a mets fan, don't kill it by judging another team that's not in the NL!