November 17, 2006

5 out of 8 Executives say Zito to Mets

Joel Sherman at The NY Post, writes about where Zito will most likely land:
Eight execu tives were queried as they departed the GM Meetings yesterday on where they thought free agent Barry Zito would end up, and five predicted the Mets.

The Mets have indicated if Zito fell near the range of what Roy Oswalt received from the Astros - $73 million for five years - they would be serious suitors. However, Scott Boras has said Oswalt was not a free agent when that contract was signed, and his client deserves considerably more.

The remaining executives said Zito would land with the Angels, Rangers and one voted for the Yankees. However, Yankees officials have strongly suggested they do not view Zito as the kind of ace worthy of even Oswalt-level dollars.

In Rick Peterson, the Mets have the pitching coach Zito had his best success with in Oakland, which could help recruitment, though Boras clients tend to go where the money is best.

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