November 17, 2006

Glavine 50/50

Mark Hale at The NY Post, writes about Tom Glavine and his thoughts on where he will pitch next season:

"I would say right now it's a pretty solid 50-50," Glavine said in a phone interview.

Glavine's remark is telling because although it is still early in the off-season, he has had almost a month since the Mets' season ended to consider his future. His remark should also be worrisome, because although the Mets are optimistic he is going to return, if Glavine is at 50-50 now, there's certainly a strong possibility he will pitch in 2007 with the Braves.

Glavine admitted the Mets own the "business" edge but the Braves have the advantage because his family is in Atlanta. The 40-year-old, who said the choice is "truly a difficult decision," said he doesn't figure he will make a choice before Thanksgiving.

"I guess my feeling is I want to make a decision as quickly as I can," he said. "Obviously, I certainly have an interest in going back to the Mets and I certainly have an interest in exploring what's going on here in Atlanta, but I really can't do much on that end until after the 20th, when by all assumptions, the Mets are going to decline my option, which I expect them to and then go from there. But I certainly don't plan on dragging anything out longer than I need to or want to."

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Anonymous said...

I'm really very lukewarm about Glavine. Although he had some good performances at the end of this season, he hasn't done much for the Mets since he's been here and heis 40 years old. Players do not improve with age! I could see them signing him for one year but not two. The Mets have several pitching prospects and surely some of them should do OK. John Maine looks like the real deal.El Duque, is also decent. They need to sign one free agent pitcher and then they can definitely forget about Glavine.