November 29, 2006

How about Gange?

Now that Chad Bradford is all but gone, I say let's bring in Eric Gange for the bullpen. This would be great for both the Mets and Gange.

Here's what Ken Gurnick at's The Hot Stove Report had to say about Gange:

Now, what becomes of closer Eric Gagne, the most popular Dodger since Piazza and Fernando?

Or is it Eric Gagne, former Dodger? Is it game over for Game Over?

Nobody seems to know, including the people responsible for deciding, and that includes Gagne himself. After missing much of the past two seasons following two elbow operations and one on his back, he reports feeling "unbelievably good." He began throwing Tuesday and vows a healthy return.

"I'm just focusing on getting healthy and getting back to the mound," Gagne said over the Thanksgiving weekend. "I'm focusing on that and nothing else. I'm anxious to know if I'll be in L.A. or not. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know their direction. A lot of the decision is up to the Dodgers. They've signed some good guys the past two years, and they're going in the right direction. But I don't know if I'm in their plans or not."

Gagne put together arguably the best three years of any closer in baseball from 2002-04, and the Dodgers showed their appreciation by paying him $19 million for 2005-06. They didn't get much for their money. Gagne saved eight games early in 2005 before heading to the sidelines. Since June 2005, he's pitched two innings and had three operations.

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