November 03, 2006

The Matsuzaka Watch Is ON!!!

There is a blog dedicated to Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, via blogspot. Normally, this wouldn't be big news, but the most recent post alludes to the Yankees' interest in Matsuzaka, and what follows is a "funny" dialogue amongst Yankee, Met and various other baseball fans. Funny, as in we can't believe the name-calling that still goes on these days, especially over a pitcher that NONE OF US HAS EVER SEEN PITCH! Let's get a grip, folks- no need to argue over something that we won't know the outcome of for a few weeks, and on top of that, we REALLY won't know the difference that Matsuzaka will make for ANY team until after the season begins, and even then it will take months to see his true impact. To accuse Willie Randolph of being a racist is insane, and to Let the bidding happen, let the best team win, and then try to sign him, and for Mets' fans, we trust that Omar, as always, will do the right thing to retool the team as we challenge for the World Series once more in '07!

A link to this blog can be found here.

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