November 02, 2006

Off-Season Outpost- Special Edition 2: Thinking WAY Outside The Box!

Okay...a few hours after we first posted the possibilities of one Barry Bonds wearing a Mets' uniform, a number of websites proposed something similar, whether for shock value, or just to "throw it out there" without further ado, here's our second Off-Season Outpost Special Edition-

--------->SIGN ROGER CLEMENS & ANDY PETITE<------- (again, with apologies for my bad photo-shop renditions)

Okay, both pitchers have ties to New York, and they both want to be on World Series contenders. That leaves a handful of teams- the Yankees (been there), the Red Sox (done that) or the Mets (Eureka!)! It would cost a huge amount of money, but what better way to usher in Humber and Pelfrey then signing one hall-of-famer and one excellent lefty to 1-year contracts?! Of course, it would be insulting to the Boss, George Steinbrenner, and would end the chances for either one to ever go back to the Bronx, which is one of the (many) reasons this won't happen. However, could you even imagine the headlines (and productivity) this move would give us? Peter Gammons reported yesterday on ESPN radio that the Mets will have a LOT of $money$ to spend this off-season, so why not throw it at these two?

(Okay- back to reality again- we enjoy posting these more "outrageous" roster moves simply for the sheer joy of it- so don't worry, we at SheaNation & MetsTrades have NOT lost our minds...but it's always a baseball fans' perogative to dream...)

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