November 04, 2006

Mike and the Mets

At The Baltimore Sun, writes about the possible Mets and Mike Mussina match up:

According to the New York Post, pitcher Mike Mussina has told friends that the New York Mets would be a welcome option if the Yankees don't want him back. And the Mets likely will be interested in the former Oriole if he becomes a free agent.

According to a baseball official, the Mets "would have to consider [Mussina] if he is available."

From the beginning of spring training through the disappointment of losing to the Detroit Tigers in the American League Division Series, Mussina didn't allow his impending free agency to become an issue and believed a deal would be worked out with the Yankees. And though returning to the Yankees remains a strong possibility, Mussina will be free to talk to all teams if New York, as expected, doesn't pick up his $17 million option.

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