November 20, 2006

One foot out the door for Milledge

At Rotoworld, they write about Lastings Milledge and the steps the Mets might be taking to ensure they don't need him next season:

The Moises Alou signing increases the chances that the Mets will trade Lastings Milledge for starting pitching help.

That's what the Daily News and every other New York paper seems to believe anyway. The way we see it, signing Alou to a one-year deal changes nothing. It's been clear since the end of the season that Milledge wouldn't begin next year in the majors, and the door is still going to be open for him in 2008. However, it does seem like the Mets are far more open to moving him than they were at midseason. In part because of some apparent attitude problems and due to questions about his ability to handle center field, his stock is down.

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